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Britain is still the sixth largest economy in the world.
The City of London is at the heart of Britain’s financial and commercial life.
Britain is renowned globally for its achievements in many spheres including financial services, education, R&D, medical, pharmaceuticals, IT, the creative industry, real estate, food and drink and tourism.
British luxury goods are renowned worldwide.

The Chinese market is certainly huge with 1.6 billion people and diversified consumer expenditure. The most appealing factor is Chinese purchasing power. According to the World Economic Forum “China’s consumer economy is projected to expand by about half, to $6.5 trillion, by 2020” The projected growth each year is 9%. The emerging middle class, new generation and upper middle class are now in growth not only in the biggest cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou but also in bigger, medium and small sized cities. The opportunities for businesses are there. The questions are where to go and how to do business in the areas which are beyond the biggest well-known cities.
We stand here ready to offer you help.


A team of highly networked, friendly professional & independent associates who can offer you quality services for your specific needs. Our key senior principals all have over 20 years experience in global markets with extensive skills in:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Business development
  • Corporate Finance
  • Education and languages

Based in London & Hampshire, we are a member of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce.


We provide two-way Sino-British business consultancy services in a variety of different industries based on our deep professional experience and our excellent network across China and Britain.

Customer and market orientation is the essence of what we do. Our focus is on helping you quickly and profitably to transact in what can often be new and previously unexplored markets. Our service is always wholly tailor-made to your needs.

Key to successful penetration of your chosen markets is what we can deliver through our developed networks in China and Britain; not only can we help speed up the process of identifying appropriate partners, but we can assist with concluding timely negotiations with your counterparties as well.